We all go to the beach and coastal waters all over the country to relax, but sometimes, even our relaxation time can turn into a time of devastation because of water accidents. According to the website of Clawson & Staubes, LLC: Injury Group, the common cases involving water accidents include boat claims, jet ski claims, and yacht claims, all of which can cause injury or even death.

Jet ski accidents can be more dangerous because of the general lack of protections, like how motorcycle accidents can have more devastating effects compared to car accidents. Personal watercraft, such as jet skis, are becoming more and more common, also increasing the accompanied risks in using them.

Jet ski accidents have a lot of causes, and if you are a jet skier, it is best to know these causes so you can at least try to avoid them.

Driver Inexperience

There is a certain ease in operating personal watercraft like jet skis, but it doesn’t mean that anyone can operate them perfectly without prior experience or training. A big portion of jet ski accidents involve drivers who have not operated the vessel more than ten times.

There are available training courses and age limits in operating such vessels, but they vary by state. Young operators may be required to have adult supervision, and inexperienced operators may be required to have training to prevent accidents.

Reckless driving

Operating a jet ski in an unsafe manner can also result into an accident. This puts not only you in danger, but also the other people who are relaxing in the water or the coast. A jet skier is driving recklessly when he is:

  • Going airborne or completely out of the water while crossing the wake of another watercraft within a hundred feet
  • Maneuvering or weaving through congested watercraft traffic
  • Other negligent actions that may compromise safe operations, like driving under the influence, inattention, and speeding

Watercraft Characteristics

Accidents can still happen even if you are experienced and diligent. Jet skis are very easy to maneuver, and excessive maneuvering can eject you or your passenger. Even if you are experienced, you can still be a victim of excessive steering, like in the case of unexpected oncoming collisions with other watercraft. It is also important to consider the other characteristics of jet skis, like how hard it is to reverse momentum especially if you are going a little too fast.

The key is to know your watercraft well, so you can exploit its strengths and be cautious of its weaknesses.

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