Common Types of Burn Injuries

When we think about burn injuries, we always assume that they have been sustained from fires. But this is not always the case, as there are a variety of materials that can cause burns. Some of the most common types of burn injuries are listed below.


Thermal burn injuries are sustained from heat. They can be divided into two categories – dry thermal and wet thermal. Dry thermal burn injuries are sustained from hot and dry materials, such as live fires and heated metals. Wet thermal burn injuries are sustained from hot and wet materials, such as boiling water, coffee, and molten materials.


Burn injuries involve skin damage, and worse, nerve and even bone damage. It is not surprising that these can also be sustained from harmful substances, like gasoline. Chemical burns are not exclusive to those who are from the industrial sector of society, because they can also be sustained by unsuspecting people in their homes. Common household items that may cause chemical burns include bathroom cleaners, swimming pool chemicals, and rust removers.


Electrical burns are some of the most common burn injuries, because almost everybody is exposed to electricity in one way or another. They can be sustained from accidents at home, at the office, or in recreational spaces. The most common causes of these accidents are wiring problems and defects on appliances, equipment, machines, and industrial vehicles.


Sustaining an accidental injury is never a good thing, and you can get it even from the most basic physical activities. Too much rubbing on carpets, exercise mats, ropes, or any other materials that can scrape you can cause friction burns. They can also be sustained from traffic accidents, especially those that involve motorcyclists, because they can land and scratch violently onto the pavement.

Degrees of Burn Injuries

Burn injuries can also be classified according to their severity. First degree burns only damage the outer layer of the skin. Second degree burns damage the outer layer of the skin and some of the inner layers. Third degree burns damage all skin layers and tissues. Fourth degree burns involve the skin, muscles, tissues, and even bones.

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